Friday, March 12, 2010

wow, i love this bring everything back in fashion once i give them to the homeless thing going on.

I REALLY DO. ahh, at least i knew i was a hipster when i was younger. With all my stylish jelly shoes, gumboots, pinafores and lace collars, flaunting my unknown style around the playground. Vivienne Westwood, Pucci and Burberry have spotted this uprising of the gumboots/wellies and have created some designer ones. Designer wellington boots. Not too shabby, if i don't say myself. Now i think i'll be off, hunting down a pair of gumboots to squeeze my feet in, maybe i'll find some cheap ones at the markets..

abdominal snow man, anyone?

now this collection, Chanel Fall 2010 is pretty darn cool and totally unwearable unless your a model who likes to get lost in mounds of fur. Still it is quite pretty, within the fur and all, the look reminds me of Russia, even though it is Scandinavian inspired, i think some of the patterns look russian-doll-ish. I wouldn't mind a pair of those fur covered boots though, they look delightfully warm. Annoyed that my image clipper is playing up on me so i have to do it the old fashion way and just save and upload photo's i have not edited of photoshop. i feel so olden-day-ish.

Oh, i wish tracksuit pants would come in fur. Coco Rocha must feel warm in there, even though she is a pale white colour. I suppose. This collection also reminds me of Ice Age, for obvious reasons, BESIDES, the ice and all, but really i think of those people who live in tribes in the ice, with feathers and beads, and voodoo stuff hanging from them.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

i'm so inspired right now. BALENCIAGA, INSPIRED DRAWING.

after my post about Balenciaga, i felt even more happy and so inspired that i drew a BALENCIAGA INSPIRED TIGHTS. yes, thats what i do when i am inspired, quite
intriguing aren't i?

... but i don't know if i'd be game to wear those tights out. maybe. in my dreams. and who is that tall anyway? LOOK AT THOSE LEGS.

hearts; katrina

wow, i just saw this chanel spring-summer haute couture 2010 collection, but i'm very much liking what i see. at first i was like, what would this style be based on? but then i figured it kind of looked like a geisha hairstyle meets marie antoinette meets porcelain doll. and when i came up with that brilliant revelation, i was content with myself, and felt the need to post about it here.
i think if karl lagerfield died, even though it's probably not what he would like, chanel would die with him.

this picture, of i think, skye stracke? yes, well looks like chanel is having a take on the bow trend, actually like their other collection as well with the afro's, but this one looks like a bow that you would wrap around a pretty present. i think i would be delighted if in that pretty wrapped present was a chanel fashion show ticket.

i quite adore the tights in the fashion show as well, they look like the are just magically floating around the models legs. and what a nice pale colour, looks nearly like white, but isn't.

hearts; katrina

Friday, March 5, 2010

all hail balenciaga. lighter colours. hazar.

after a big phase of black, rock, gold, metallic and sequinn-y fashion runway trend i'm glad people are realising that not all of us have an inner rock star in us. and not all of us can wear wet leather looking tight, did i mention TIGHT, pants all the time? and black was seriously making me sad and lonely and making me write depressive poems. which were actually pretty light compared to the fashion collections of, not to name any names, but lavin and balmain. although i do quite love their collections most of the time, the thing i don't like is REPETITIVE-NESS.

so when i saw balenciaga's new collection of ready-to-wear fall 2010..

... i suddenly saw the brighter side of life again. although i hate how models can pull off the bald, man haircut look. if i did something like that to my hair, we would have quite a situation on our hands, wouldn't we?

hearts; katrina

first post. oh. frabjulous day.

ahh. now this feels quite snazzy. you know. like posting somet
hing for the first time on something exciting that you actually feel that could be the start of something quite extraordinary? no? well. then. awkward.
anywho, there was a purpose of posting this photo and it was that i think i'd want to be in her position right now. i mean. that. rack. of USED CLOTHING. -sudden warmth comes over me- rather divine, doesn't it look so? i have a feeling that in that rack of clothing they would have some retro vintage floral dress. now that would make this picture even more lovely.. oh and i wish that cardigan that girl is wearing was on the rack. looks indeed very warm and comfy.. ... and safe. and i finish this post with another .. ahh.

OH one last thing.. i've been into fashion for quite a while now, and all its mind bogglingly beautiful couture, that i would never dare to wear, i fall over in flat shoes, but i have never had the guts to create a blog about it then i got inspired, read a book, saw it in the making and now here i am, my mind laid on a porcelain plate for the world to see. fashion i think for many girls is just what they say their into for a while just cause, well i don't know but they really aren't that serious about it. but i seriously am. okay that was seriously not convincing but. ha. i'm just not into the fashion and whats in season and style and crap, but i will post here and blabber about things i think are quite worthy of blabbering about. pointless jibber jabber, if you would like? i want to work a frankie magazine or do something, definitely something in the fashion industry. i'm also gonna start, and have already started a few projects that i might take photo's of and post up here, of a "lookbook/stye file/fashion collages" and inspiration booklets that i will be doing and am in the process of doing as my ideas flow. i'm very very excited indeedy. but also packed with endless school work, so this could turn into a weekend thing. LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST, SHALL WE?

hearts; katrina