Saturday, March 6, 2010

wow, i just saw this chanel spring-summer haute couture 2010 collection, but i'm very much liking what i see. at first i was like, what would this style be based on? but then i figured it kind of looked like a geisha hairstyle meets marie antoinette meets porcelain doll. and when i came up with that brilliant revelation, i was content with myself, and felt the need to post about it here.
i think if karl lagerfield died, even though it's probably not what he would like, chanel would die with him.

this picture, of i think, skye stracke? yes, well looks like chanel is having a take on the bow trend, actually like their other collection as well with the afro's, but this one looks like a bow that you would wrap around a pretty present. i think i would be delighted if in that pretty wrapped present was a chanel fashion show ticket.

i quite adore the tights in the fashion show as well, they look like the are just magically floating around the models legs. and what a nice pale colour, looks nearly like white, but isn't.

hearts; katrina

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  1. I want tights like that. my list of TIGHTS TO STEAL, BUY OR MAKE AND THEN EAT is growing very much because of you.