Friday, March 12, 2010

abdominal snow man, anyone?

now this collection, Chanel Fall 2010 is pretty darn cool and totally unwearable unless your a model who likes to get lost in mounds of fur. Still it is quite pretty, within the fur and all, the look reminds me of Russia, even though it is Scandinavian inspired, i think some of the patterns look russian-doll-ish. I wouldn't mind a pair of those fur covered boots though, they look delightfully warm. Annoyed that my image clipper is playing up on me so i have to do it the old fashion way and just save and upload photo's i have not edited of photoshop. i feel so olden-day-ish.

Oh, i wish tracksuit pants would come in fur. Coco Rocha must feel warm in there, even though she is a pale white colour. I suppose. This collection also reminds me of Ice Age, for obvious reasons, BESIDES, the ice and all, but really i think of those people who live in tribes in the ice, with feathers and beads, and voodoo stuff hanging from them.

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